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Introduction: Lego Rifle

Ok, this rifle is pretty simple to make, but, it doesn't have a trigger mechanism. I find that the gun shoots farther if you just push the rubber bands off the end of it. You can have multiple rubber bands loaded and fire them off one at a time.
You need:
1. 8 1x16 posts
2. an undefined number of plates(just what you feel necessary to hold the posts together)
3. Some bricks to serve as handles.
4. rubber bands
To start, connect all of the 1x16 posts using the plates. Put two together, and keep doing this so you have four sections of 1x16 posts for the barrel. Make sure it is sturdy.
For the handles, stack 2x4 bricks until you reach your desired length and place one at the very back of the gun and make another and place it toward the front as shown in the picture.
Loading: To load, stretch a rubber band from the front, to the back of the gun. Fire by pushing off the rubber band at the back.
To shoot several quickly, load the gun with several rubber bands, making sure at the back that the first one to be shot is closest to the top and push it off. Then quickly push off another rubber band and repeat untill out of ammo.
I know the instructions are a little confusing but the pictures should help. Good luck.
Please post comments on what you think. Thanks.



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    It really isn't considered a rifle, a rifle has a curved inside that when fired the bullet spins which makes a more accurate shot.

    not to mention the fact that THERE IS NO TRIGGER if there was one it wouldent be so bad

    hey dont forget its only lego

    :P i know, i was just being silly, lol, sorry bout that

    Well you're right, a rifle does have a curved inside for that very purpose. However, it seemed much more prudent to use the term rifle than lego thing that fires rubber bands. xD

    That wasn't an insult to you, but to my gun. it's terrible, I agree

    Then why post it? lol