Introduction: Lego Sniper

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have your lego peoples ever had to go really close just to shoot someone? well, fear no longer, because i have a new invention!the super sniper rifle, a powerful lego gun that looks really cool. ( dosn't actually shoot)  =(

Step 1: The Pieces

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now to get the pieces. pretty easy. you should be able to get every piece you need from th lego clone walker battle expandy thingy set, the lego assasins droid battle expandy thingy set, and the new 20 $ lego hoth.

Step 2: The Long Steps.

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pretty simple..

Step 3: The Scope

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put the binoculars on.

Step 4:

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the handle thing. its from a flicky rocket.

Step 5: Claw on a Handle

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just put the claw. make sure its right way up.

Step 6: The Barrel

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just a simple blue piece on the end.

Step 7: The Gun Mount

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just to little " robot claws"

Step 8: Everything Comes Together!

Picture of Everything Comes Together!

put the three pieces you have made so far here.

Step 9: Everything Comes Together Part 2

Picture of Everything Comes Together Part 2

just put on the handle

Step 10: Everything Comes Together Part 3

Picture of Everything Comes Together Part 3

have you got this on?

Step 11: Final View

Picture of Final View

ther. do you have this? well you should. and if you dont, try, try again!

Step 12: The Last Step

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so now your lego man will have the ability to blow someones head of from afar. you put the little hole on his head, then make him hold the handle. so, since this is my first instructable,please just make sure you keep the insults down. I just figured out how to get pix on here too!


the poodleo (author)2010-12-27

oops 2nd step srry

Capt. Kidd (author)2010-04-16

love how im spending 40 bucks on a lego sniper when I could buy a lego sniper here.

the poodleo (author)Capt. Kidd2010-07-14

really i dont want this to be go out and spend 40 sollars on this sniper if you have these pieces or if you bought these sets then you can build this sniper and its not like your spending 40 dollars on the 40 peices it takes to make this sniper, your spending 40 dollars on the pices for all those sets. i was just saying that if you needed an easy way to find these pieces you could buy the sets. not to mention if you live in canada or something than it will cost you 6.50 in shipping. wither way, please leave the coments "nice."

Capt. Kidd (author)the poodleo2010-09-15

I'm sorry. i was in a bad mood because my band teacher yelled at me.

:( <-- Me

bob the slob (author)Capt. Kidd2010-08-17

all that matters his he did his best. its hard to make lego instructables!

the poodleo (author)Capt. Kidd2010-07-14

an rly its my first instructable

the poodleo (author)2010-07-14

oh yeah and thanks people that liked it i really didnt think id get any great rating at all. ty.

mebuildgunz (author)2010-07-13

i built it and it is killing all of the zombies in my lego city grate job :-<)

bob the slob (author)mebuildgunz2010-07-14

lol! i bet the zombies are sill picking bullets ot of their plastic butts! i love this instructable! .....................................AAAHHHHH!!!! HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!

mebuildgunz (author)bob the slob2010-07-14

ya in thar graves of the dead

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