Lego Soda Machine





Introduction: Lego Soda Machine

lego soda machine that hold 9 sodas that works (i would only use 5 because it would jam plus you have to shake it) has a viewing glass. i will post another video because when the can came out it my phone shaked.



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    i made a lego soda machine on lego digital disiner its much easier

    I once made a vending machine... It was about twice the size of that one, but I had no way to make only one soda come out at a time. I give you credit for finding a system to deposit only one at a time :P I hope you dont mind if I might use your idea in the future! But your awesome and creative!

    thank u and yes i let any1 use it 2 make and snow people

    Great. I've made something like this when I was a child. It's good to see that genial minds work in similar ways! ;)

    very cool i tried to make 1 but i cant :(

    there are instructions on my youtube page my account is legolordman

    you need to look at brickboys518 thay have awsome lego stuff

    hey make a big one that actually holds soda and as a suggestion make it say small

    probably would not have that many parts. be sides i am making the forbidden lego gun and i need the parts to build it