Lego Space Maxifig





Introduction: Lego Space Maxifig

this is mylegomaxifig

I've always lovedlegominifigand especially!

classicspaceis for methe most beautifulminiature!

asthismodel doesnot exist ingiant, so Idecidedto createmy ownsingle
Imade fromPVC pipeandplexiglass
for size,it isexactly 10times the normal size

I foundplans withquotationson the internet

thehardest part wasto makethe roundedof the helmet andthe head

The advantage of thisassembly is thatyou can manipulatethe figurineasthereal
(I did not wanta singlesculpture)

on the lastpicture you can seemy10 month old daughternext tothemaxifigto get an ideaof the size



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    Great job! How did you make the helmet?

    Maybe here...

    and here

    This is what I found...

    building instructions? plans? blueprints? ANYTHING?

    If you should ever make another one, and I hope you do, please document the process with lots of pictures and descriptions to make a detailed 'ible as this is too cool. My 3 year old would FLIP if he saw this. He's a Lego-maniac and we're always looking for unique Lego stuff.

    Looks great!

    Oh god, you totally got to rig it up so that it's eyes glow red and it's head slowly follows people XD

    You've got to include some more info on this. It's awesome. And I'm quite intrigued that you pulled it off with pvc and plexiglass!

    I made this Giant Lego Darth Vader, which was incredibly tedious and not very durable once it was completed. I'd like to make another maxifig, as you say, perhaps they way you did yours. So I'm especially interested in seeing some more info on how you accomplished this.

    Kudos on the nice end result, it looks great.

    Here are all the plans that I have used,
    I did not find any other

    quotations are in cm

    Picture 14.pngPicture 15.pngLego_Man_3D_Refrence_by_Quandtum.jpg98_Minifig_drawing_patent_af.jpgTechnical_drawing_minifigure.png

    That is sweet! Do you remember where you found the plans?