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It's very easy and only takes seconds!Lot of you guys know that is a huge online market of custom minifigures, but many are expensive due to importations if you are like me living outside U.S.

This is a non-professional way to overcome the problems, cause Lego itself will never do militarised figures because of their philosophy.

Step 1: Material Needed

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1. a minifigure (normaly policeman)

2. a elastic band

3. a gun (backwards speaker/ star wars gun/rocket launcher)

4. a skate helmet

5. a life vest (cost guard, police and firefighters have it in boats)

6. extra gear:radio,handcuffs, hammer, axe, binocules...

7. scuba gear and duckfeet to the frogmen

Step 2: Assembly

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1. strap the elastic band onto the waist of the minifigures, making it tight but not impossible to add gear

2. put the life vest and the helmet

3. fit the primary weapon

4. put the gadgets like the radio or can put your bazzuca there!

(NOTE: you can put only one or two gaddgets at the same time, so I advise to change objects in the team)

Step 3: Frogmen

1. add the scuba mask to the firefighters oxigen respirator

2. put the elastic in the minifigure

3. place the scuba gear, the gun, and the duckfeet in the elastic

4. DONE!


HollyMann (author)2014-07-23

Great Instructable - they look awesome!

specopsaviator (author)HollyMann2014-07-23


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