Lego Transformers / Optimus Prime





Introduction: Lego Transformers / Optimus Prime

just had to have a bash at making some ofter seeing other works on here.
using my method of making lego heads also made me want to use them
 i was able to create a cool prime with 12 points of articulation
and a quick wip of megatron with 5 points of articulation,
using a spare prime head and a lego mini figure i also created my own prime mini figure (kreon)
the 2 figures were mostly made of lego and also a few megabloks halo bits, built to rule starscream arms and kreo basic prime joints.



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    how do u know it is mega blocks

    its not megabloks, its mostly lego, with a few halo megabloks components. lol

    i never knew you can connect mega blocks with legos/

    lego, megabloks, kreo, build it, BTR and other generic less known brands are all compatible. However the cheaper the brand.. the less clutch power they have. but megabloks and lego are the best quality ive found so far and are hardly any different in quality. which is surprising because as a child i remember megabloks being the cheap alternative that basically wouldnt click together.

    i mentioned kreo if thats what you mean, its the one with transformers, if not........ive not heard of treo.

    no trio u know the hotwheels wall track set that is trio

    Its mega bloks.

    legolass prime and megablok, lol.