Introduction: Lego Wipeout

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welcome to wipeout

Step 1: J&j's "stand"

Picture of J&j's "stand"

make the stand high but. low enogh to see the wipeout course add a veiwing area behind them (as seen in photo)

be sure to add mini figures of j&j , a director , and a camera man

Step 2: Bannana Split

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the bannana split is a wobbily slippery obstical that rocks back and forth make a turning piece and then an elbow going down atach a platform (look at pic for best results)

Step 3: Punching Wall

Picture of Punching Wall

very simple make a wall with holes in it and add flick missils with red stud the on end

Step 4: Unfortunate Fall

Picture of Unfortunate Fall

like all wipeout courses right after climbing up a stair case (or ladder) something will hit you off for this i put a raised brick (with a hole in it ) stuck a stick (with a disk atached to the end) through the hole and and put a stopper on the end

Step 5: Pre Big Ball Wipeout

Step 6:

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this one hurts! put a post and put a moving piece through the post and atach a brick with smacker on the end (see pic for help)

Step 7:

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Step 8:

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Step 9: Big Balls

Picture of Big Balls

Step 10:

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this one is a wipeout classic first make your big balls

Step 11: Gears

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Step 12:

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Step 13:

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Step 14:

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Step 15:

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Step 16:

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Step 17:

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now if you didint pay attention to the notes your brobaly lost , go back and read all notes instructables has a great note system making my job easier its also more fun to foliow along as i buit it

anyhow this gear system should work with however many big balls you like but , take note that the more big balls you have the harder it is to turn the gears

Step 18:

Step 19: The Tilty Bridge

Picture of The Tilty Bridge

the tilty bridge is simply a platform with 2 holes on both side (longways!) atached to 2 raised connecters (see pic)

Step 20: Catapult

Picture of Catapult

a simple elbow atached to a platform with a spot for a person to sit

Step 21: Winnnnnnnnnnersssss Circle

Picture of Winnnnnnnnnnersssss Circle

you won!!!! it is a simple square platform with a large gra circle and a smaal red circle in the middle

Step 22: End

Picture of End

thanks for looking at my instructible have a fun time building

Step 23:

like to give credit to my sister and my freind (same as winston)

Step 24: #love4winston


Super space ninja (author)2014-07-24

good job! I love the wipeout show, it will be more awesome if you have a video.

pretty good for the first instructable.

thanks love your helmet il see if i can make a video chek for it soon


This is great! My brother and I love that show!

Super space ninja (author)2014-07-24

I am going to build it

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