Picture of lego gun semi auto hand gun with magazines
i have this lego gun that i made today that uses like 4 technic pieces, i was wondering should i make an instructable or would i be wasting my time? images 1-5 in order
8 or 1: gun loaded ready to fire.
9 or 2: gun from back view.
10 or 3: 1 magazine.
11 or 4: magazine slot/handle.
12 or 5: pin that holds the magazine in place.
also the bit off the front of the gun is not needed...
aadreveno2 years ago
Yes you should make an instructable.
meaner67883 years ago
make it for all to see!!!!!!!!!!!
godfreyandthandi (author) 6 years ago
yeah, i suppose i will make some instructibles for this
TigerNod6 years ago
Yeah post it! Even though I don't have any lego. But my friend does!
cococo6 years ago
you should make instructable fr it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think its really good! I have tons of lego that i dont use anymore but if you post i'll definately build
ive since made a smaller and better mag and a trigger mech
it looks cool. and I nam very interested.
matstermind6 years ago
from what I can see, this is not semi auto. the mag is a really good idea though. just add a trigger.