Picture of less-than-half-minute computer pranks
These are some good pranks that could be arranged within less than 30 seconds.

Each prank has four parameters:
preparation time(minutes)
arrange time(seconds),
x-time(time in minutes or type of victim activity)
and difficulty(1-3)

preparation time is the time required to prepare the prank before acessing the victim's computer.

Arrange time is the time of acessing the victim's computer needed to get the prank working.

x-time is the time before the prank will go off or something that the victim has to do for the prank to go off.

the instructable is in the april fools contest so please vote!

Step 1: Mouse-off prank

Picture of mouse-off prank
paper 1.jpg
paper zx.jpg
preparation time= 0.5 minute
arrange time= 10 seconds
x-time= when the victim uses the mouse
difficulty= 1

this is a very simple and effective prank.
the victim has to have an optical mouse for that.

Just take any sticky non-transparent thing(a sticker, a piece of masking tape etc ) and seal the "eye" of the mouse.(see pic #2)
you can also stuff a little bit of paper into the sensor of an optical mouse(pics 3&4)
by doing this you replace the moving (relative to the mouse) table top, or a mouse pad by a piece of sticky thing that is still(again, relative to the mouse), so the mouse dooesn't move the pointer.
zapper0674 years ago
Use NoClose to disable the close button!!!
flashcactus (author)  zapper0674 years ago
of what?
of 2 and 3.http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Skrommel/index.html#NoClose
11rex116 years ago
ok there is a problem to this because if i notice my mouse isn't working i usually look at the bottom of the mouse
Stick a nice "April Fools" note down there, then.
haha that we be kinda funny
flashcactus (author)  11rex116 years ago
if the mouse is optical, the stuff-a-piece-of-paper method will work nicely.
Saturn V5 years ago
Here's a handy little program I found that has some cool features.  It can let you shut down a computer remotely, spam a computer, and it even has games while you wait for your victum's reaction!  All you need is their IP adress!
sorry, many of these files (are or contain) viruses.
false positives only...
66 61 6c 73 65 20 70 6f 73 69 74 69 76 65 73 20 6f 6e 6c 79 2e 2e 2e
flashcactus (author)  creative soul6 years ago
some of them are detected as risks by the antivirus programs, but they do not do any harm to your computer. (this is true about the ones i've listed here.) The sites i've listed here do not contain viruses as well. Other sites may contain some viruses, though.
you are correct because i have scanned all of thoes programs with the best computer virus protection program i have it because i work at a virus protection program maker
Ashinka 11rex116 years ago
Lord help me...
flashcactus (author)  Ashinka6 years ago
Win7Maniac5 years ago
ButtonShyMouse won't open. . .
flashcactus (author)  Win7Maniac5 years ago
what do you mean by not open?
Like a broken link or something. I couldn't get it to open, it said the page doesn't exist. Thanks
This is what firefox says when I go there:

The connection has timed out.

The server at ftp.lizardworks.com is taking too long to respond.
  • The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

  • If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

  • If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
Fashim6 years ago
I just wanted to add another Prank =P. Go into CMD(Start,Run:CMD) Then type in Shutdown/i a little program should come up and you can shutdown anyone on the network.
Fashim Fashim6 years ago
You click on add and type in there computers name then if you want you can set the timer and a comment. Have Fun!
It might have been nice if you could have given a description of each program. on a related note, I know why you added "clippy" to the list! (ROFL)
can i add a java script on my site,for an effect?,example,on my home page, a text page on it,could i add a script there for a specifyed effect?or will it not work?
11rex116 years ago
how do i send a message over an network and does it say my name on the message box?
flashcactus (author)  11rex116 years ago
u should use the "net send" command. I don't remember how to do it, just type "batch" into the search bar and there will be plenty of instructables on this.
MegaMaker6 years ago
Go to quinsoft.com. Good stuff.
cool! MegaMaker6 years ago
wierd idiot6 years ago
very nice pranks!