Life Changing Egg Trick

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Introduction: Life Changing Egg Trick

I learnt about this at my local cafe. A magical way to cook your eggs. Drop em in the espresso maker's steamer !

Step 1: Pick a Number of Eggs...

i don't think there is a limit, but i've only done up to 3...

Step 2: Crack Em in a Bowl or Cup or ...

i think any container will do.

Step 3: Oil the Steamer...

so it's easy to get the egg off later... i just used olive oil

Step 4: Steam Until Perfect....

it's pretty easy to tell it's going well, you can watch the yolks turn white.

Step 5: Serve... and Clean the Steamer

choose your bowl.

the eggs are really pure, no butter or oil. they come out fluffier than a young rabbit. kind of wonderful.



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    i kind of feel obligated to comment on this, just cause of my name...

    lol now I have to find sonic. tee hee

    lol, how wonderfully appropriate.

    Good job! A fish & chip shop in my town uses this method to make their gravy.

    wow the only posotive comment ive seen from you

    I haven't laughed this hard in at least a week!

    Seriously? I am so trying this tomorrow!