Life changing egg trick

Picture of life changing egg trick
I learnt about this at my local cafe. A magical way to cook your eggs. Drop em in the espresso maker's steamer !
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Step 1: Pick a number of eggs...

Picture of pick a number of eggs...
i don't think there is a limit, but i've only done up to 3...

Step 2: Crack em in a bowl or cup or ...

Picture of crack em in a bowl or cup or ...
i think any container will do.

Step 3: Oil the steamer...

Picture of oil the steamer...
so it's easy to get the egg off later... i just used olive oil

Step 4: Steam until perfect....

Picture of steam until perfect....
it's pretty easy to tell it's going well, you can watch the yolks turn white.

Step 5: Serve... and clean the steamer

Picture of serve... and clean the steamer
choose your bowl.

the eggs are really pure, no butter or oil. they come out fluffier than a young rabbit. kind of wonderful.
grannyjones2 months ago

I have GOT to try this!

eggman7 years ago
i kind of feel obligated to comment on this, just cause of my name...
lol now I have to find sonic. tee hee
lol, how wonderfully appropriate.
stevoIution7 years ago
Good job! A fish & chip shop in my town uses this method to make their gravy.
wow the only posotive comment ive seen from you
Look harder
I haven't laughed this hard in at least a week!
penumbra_5 years ago
Seriously? I am so trying this tomorrow!
THIS... this is amazing :D
willobrien7 years ago
I finally tried this out today - it works great. My machine had just enough steam for two eggs. Salt and pepper today - I'll add some garlic next time. Oil isn't required, just makes clean up easier. I'd suggest steaming some water after eating and wiping off the egg after. Just what I needed after a little too much wine last night!
JL20137 years ago
well, there kind of is oil(the one where you oil the steamer in step 3).
nireves17 years ago
this is brilliant
HAL 90007 years ago
Nice! I dont have a steamer like this, but i have been microwaving eggs for some time now. scramble and microwave, they puff up when theyre done. . Maybe i can have my girlfriend do this, she works in a coffee shop, and shes the onlly one there ever, so nobody would know... it wouldnt be the first "secret" thing that happened there.
Quagmire would be proud , Giggity, giggity, giggity, giggity!
charlieg907 years ago
Hm, maybe i missed something, but it's kinda messy for me. the center of the cupful of eggs solidifies, then it starts being forced upward by the steam being shot down under it, while raw egg goes shooting all over the place... Am i doing something wrong by sticking the steam head into the eggs? Should i not beat them, because i did. Also, anyone else have any spice suggestions? I <3 eggs. Awesome instructable dude. 5.
boxowine7 years ago
This is wicked brilliant. Tried, love it. I threw in a little garlic, dill weed and cracked pepper: best breakfast in weeks.
nvnusman7 years ago
I've long been amazed at how eggs taste with different methods of cooking: soft vs. hard boiled, over easy vs. basted, poached vs. microwaved, scrambled vs. fryed. I'm no chemist so cannot explain the many interatciotn that occur during the various cooking processes. Never steamed them but now I'll try. Thanks!
esperluette7 years ago
They do this at the Medici restaurant on 57th St in Hyde Park (Chicago). Delicious! Thanks for posting!
Good Doctor7 years ago
I tried this out at the cafe I work at a few months ago. What so amazing is how quickly they cook, much quicker than a micro. I cranked the steam up, and they went from mixed eggs to scrambled in seconds, POOF! I "broke" my yokes first and added a bit, tiny bit of cream. Nice Instructable -
That's really neat!
Mitten7 years ago
Or you could just pop it in the microwave for a minute....
Fleder7 years ago
Hey this sounds very tasty im wondering if u use the watercooker to prepare sausages or other meals