Picture of life like minion
this is my minion, step one, head out to your local hardware store, and pick up some materials
two blue recyclable trash cans(i found them at lowes for $11,)
some masking tape,
news paper,
black pipe cleaners,
sunburst yellow spray paint,
2" plastic chromed plumbing plates,
an old duffle bag shoulder strap,
4, 1"x1/4 thread carrage bolts, 
4, 1/4" washers
4 1/4" wing nuts
white cardboard, about a 4" x 6" piece
googly eyes

tools needed:
hot glue gun
drill and 1/4" drill bit
razor knife

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Step 1: Prep work, body and paint

Picture of prep work, body and paint
the trash cans will fit snug together if you cut the top off of one of them just above the handles, then putting one on top of the other with the top one inverted. so that the bottom of the first can sits on the ground as normal and the bottom of the second can is now the top of the head of the body.

with a fine dark blue marker draw an outline of the coveralls that your minion wears, this will be the separation of yellow and blue, 

mask off all of the blue clothing area, and spray paint everything else yellow and let dry

Step 2: I see you

Picture of i see you
take the 2" plumbing plates, cut out white cardboard to fit behind plates, glue cardboard to back of plates, then glue googly eyes to white cardboard, when dry glue eyes together in the center and hot glue eyes onto face, about 5" from top of head.

and about 5" under eyes cut out a mouth with sharp razor knife, be careful and do not cut toward yourself.

hot glue your duffle bag strap around the head to look like glasses straps

Step 3: Here a hair there a hair

Picture of here a hair there a hair
fold about a dozen black pipe cleaners in half, poke holes in top of head and insert folded pipe cleaners into holes and hot glue them in place, when cooled separate and style hair