Picture of light up any bottle
its a easy project any one can make and it will work with any bottle.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need

nisoe4 years ago
dacton1 nisoe3 years ago
In step3 he states that he used a sharpie (felt tipped pen) to color the bulb.
nisoe4 years ago
lody5 years ago
 really cool keep up the good work
jlkinetics7 years ago
I did this, and I filled mine with those half flat colored marbles. cool effect.
amoetodi9 years ago
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why would you want to light up a bottle?
Instead of asking why, shouldn't we asking why not :)
i say that all the time.
mrtools (author)  amoetodi9 years ago
it works as a night light or whatever and becouse you can lol.
that franks red hot is the best hot sauce ever, i can drink it out of the bottle!
ac1D8 years ago
COOL! now when i go on a bar they are like "wtf , his bear is blue!!!"
yay i lit up a bottle. WHY?
aniket8 years ago
Err... completly unnecessary...
tchynerd9 years ago
Well my younger brother and I have been toying with the idea of using Tonic water and a UV LED to make the bottle glow (the tonic water has Quinine in it which apperently under UV light glows) So you could do something like that for halloween but I think a bright glowing red would look better on a hot sauce bottle than a sort of glowing green. Eric Out
mrtools (author) 9 years ago
i like the UV idea i might try that
gomjjabar9 years ago
As stated LEDs would be great. One step further: some bottles, glass or plastic are UV active. Using UV LEDs would surely make great decorations, especially for Holloween.
what I would do is drill holes in the tops of the bottles, then string them togeather with those little colorful christmas lights. mahe about 2 strings of em' 10 ft. long maybe. Then turn the whole operation upside down and press the tops into the dirt along the edges of your sidewalk/driveway etc.
mrtools (author) 9 years ago
somebody already asked that look at the 2nd comment
bildnething9 years ago
yeah no offense but this is kind of stupid...why do you want to put a light bulb in a bottle? lol
tyeo0989 years ago
sorry for the double post bit i used an AC adapter for my gameboy color batterybac charger FYI..
mrtools (author)  tyeo0989 years ago
tyeo0989 years ago
you i lit up a Hinkins (sp?) beer bottle as a nite lite for my brother, i tolf him "if you have a bad dream berr will make it go away" he didnt get it..
mrtools (author)  tyeo0989 years ago
nice i bet his mom loves it...ya right...lol good idea with the beer some exotic beers have cool colors and stuff
mrtools (author) 9 years ago
realy i dont know but you can just buy a flashlight and use that bulb becouse they are made for 'AA' power suply.
mabufo9 years ago
What kind of bulb is that?
_soapy_9 years ago
You could modernise this a bit. Lose the huge battery box for some little lithium batteries, and swap the bulb for an LED, then put the whole lot inside the cap. A resistor will keep the voltage dropped far enough for the LED to be happy (see http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz for a calculator to determine the value) and with a bit of fiddling you could have it so the light comes on only when the cap is screwed on, by having the resistor and LED legs right over by the edge and sprung slightly.

For more efficiency, use a solar cell and a capacitor!
The first thing that popped into my head was making party lights by stringing together those miniature plastic alcohol bottles and lighting them all up.
sandman9 years ago
how is it powered do you use a usb port
the power source would be the batteries in the second picture
prank9 years ago
good choice of hot sauce