Picture of light wheight bike trailer
The main idea for this trailer was to have something lightweight but strong to tow behind my bike. At first I was going to use an old rubbermaid bin as the body but decided to use an old sled instead. So I made a strapping frame, screwed it to the sled then cut out a section on each side for the tires (in my case 2 50cc dirt bike tires), found an axle for the tires and screwed them to the frame with steel strapping. I used a ski pole with the handle and the plastic thing on the bottom removed to connect the trailer to the bike. It gets screwed into the wooden strapping on the bottom of the trailer.On the bike it connects to a bent 90 degree bracket under the seat. The bracket is held in with zipties (see picture two). A simple bolt with a cotter pin holds the ski pole to the bracket.  The mud guards are both made from a single crazy carpet cut and screwed to the body (it took a lot of adjusting to get it right). The handle for pulling by hand is the same handle that came off the ski pole. A string with a small clip attached goes through the top of it to clip it to the front of the trailer (see picture 8). Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome. 
Aron3132 years ago
Thats a good idea to bring stuff to my friends house! :)
camping crazy (author)  Aron3132 years ago
Thanks I use it all the time its great espacially by hand.
camping crazy (author) 2 years ago
that sounds like a great idea. It actually manuvers pretty well but for touring on the main road you would probably want to shorten it like you said the body is a pretty good size I think it would be just right for some gear thanks for commenting
wobbler2 years ago
I like the idea of using the ski pole as I'm thinking of making a trailer to go camping with and this looks about the right size, but I'm not too sure about how far back the trailer is like this. It looks a little bit of a manouverability problem. Are there any problems with this? As you can't bend the ski pole to crank it around the rear wheel, maybe you could change the design slightly? You could cut the ski pole in half and attach a universal joint there. Then, attach the front half of the ski pole to the lower horizontal rear tube (the one going from the pedal to the rear axle on the opposite side to your derailleur), attaching the front half of the ski pole using strong zip ties so the universal joint is behind the rear wheel. This should let you shorten the distance of the trailer behind you.
rimar20002 years ago
Good work!
camping crazy (author)  rimar20002 years ago
thanks !!