Introduction: Linkoln Log Tank

Picture of Linkoln Log Tank

this is a simple sherman tank to make out of linkoln logs

Step 1: Tank Frame

Picture of Tank Frame

here is the frame of the tank

Step 2: A Little More Detail

Picture of A Little More Detail

add these pieces

Step 3: Add Some More....

Picture of Add Some More....

add these pieces

Step 4: Only 2 Pieces in This Step

Picture of Only 2 Pieces in This Step

2 more pieces

Step 5: Only 2 More Pieces

Picture of Only 2 More Pieces

2 more

Step 6: More More More

Picture of More More More

more pieces

Step 7: Do This Step Very Carefully

Picture of Do This Step Very Carefully

sooooo carefull!

Step 8: Last Piece!

Picture of Last Piece!

yay! you're finished!

Step 9: Yolo

Picture of Yolo

thank you for making my tank! please follow!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-02

That's a very creative use of lincoln logs! Thanks for sharing!

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