Introduction: Water Sensor Tutorial!!!

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Hey, guys this tutorial is to tell how to use a liquid level sensor. so let begin!

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Step 1: Gather Your Stuff.

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1. Arduino (uno)

2. 4 wires (as shown in the image above)

3. liquid sensor

In the next step I will tell how to connect them. GO TO THE NEXT STEP

Step 2: Connect Them

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Connect the + to 5V on the arduino

Connect the - to GND on the arduino

Connect the s to A5 on the arduino

WARNING : Don't hold the sensor form the that lines part it may DESTROY THE SENSOR.

Step 3: CODE

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here is the code:

Step 4: Check Your Sensor

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Open the serial monitor and check the readings on the monitor and if it doesn't give reading check your

connections again and again.

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Step 5: Done



ThomasB430 (author)2017-09-15

whats the maximum water level ? I want 2 use this sensor for my plant so the lamp lights red if it needs water

ZaqyQ (author)2017-06-03

i cant open the code

hrhofkhan (author)2016-02-12

you are welcome

hrhofkhan (author)2016-02-12

you are welcome

hrhofkhan (author)2016-02-12

you are welcome

PaulE47 (author)2016-01-06

thank you

farooqkhan (author)2015-10-23

its cooll

farooqkhan (author)2015-10-23

nice hrhofkhan is my brother

hrhofkhan (author)2015-06-24

thank you, i tested my sensor when i looked at my sensor there were 3 connections 1 was + so this means 5V and 2 was - GND and 3 sig that means it should be connceted to a5

tomatoskins (author)2015-06-23

This looks so cool! How did you test your sensor?

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