Picture of liquored cherries in chocolate

Liquored cherries dipped in chocolate, great for Valentine´s or just to show your beloved how much (s)he means to you!

You need TIME. So think waaay in advance when making these, at least ten days for preparing them (better 15)  After they are done you can keep the cherries for about a week (they never last that long here!)

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
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You will need;
Fresh cherries, as many as you think you will need, this time I used about 20
A bottle of white rum (half for the cherries half for the cook)
Dark chocolate for dipping. I used Callebaut´s but any good quality one will do. The darker, the better. One cup.
Cellophane paper in pink and red, cut into squares about 3" per side.
Some kind of container(s) tins, boxes, whatever catches your fancy
Shreded pink tissue paper (china) hearts, confetti....

Step 2: Putting the cherries in the rum and TIME...

Picture of putting the cherries in the rum and TIME...
Use a jar with a wide mouth, I try to leave the stems as they look nicer but this is entirely optional.
Put as many cherries as can fit and fill the jar with the rum, right about now you can ahve either a mojito or a rum&coke  whatever gladdens your heart!

Leave the cherries undisturbed for ten to fifteen days in a dark place, under the sink maybe?

When you see them next they will look pale and the rum will be dark and fragant! do not worry the cherries somehow get their color back when dry

Step 3: Gathering your stuff

Picture of gathering your stuff
Remember the tins or boxes, the smaller the better, more than six is too much, but then... who can measure love?

Ribbons, shredded paper, I used pink... ;) and th cellophane paper, red goes underneath and pink in the outside...

Chocolate, two pans the better to melt it, and either a silicone pad or waxed paper to put you creations to dry