This is my first instructable. YAY!
My little car can go around corners, quite neat.

A video of it:



Pieces that you will need:
small green rods: 4
white or gray rods: 5
red rods: 3
gray rod: 1
yellow or gray 5-slot connector: 6
red or gray 3-slot connector: 2
1-slot connector: 3
tabbed tan connector (see pic): 8
blue spacers: 32 (some can be substituted for gray spacers)
gray spacers: 2 (or more if substituting blue spacers)
K'NEX motor
big yellow gear: 3
small gear: 3
big tire: 2
small tire: 1

Now to start

Step 1: The Back.

Just follow the pics.

Step 2: The Front.

Same as before, just follow the pics.

Step 3: Connect


Step 4: Optional.

To make it look a tad nicer.

Extra pieces:
green small rods: 6
white or gray rods: 3
blue rods: 3
2-slot connector: 3
4-slot connector: 4
5-slot connector: 2
8-slot connector: 1


Step 5: Done.

Just check according to vid.
It's pretty nice for a first instructable 4.5 :D
Thx :)
this thing is fast!
Yep. For the slow speed of motor. If u want it slow. As in REALLY slow. Swap the large and small gears
Pretty cool, but wont it ruin the motor
Don't thing so. I think the tires will get dirty enough so it will slip a lot. I've had that motor for 10yrs it still runs new
Nice XD
i was about to take it apart to make one of train man's guns so i let it crash into the wall and an icon was born
the only problem is that once it hits the wall, it can't get away from it.
Hahahaha, good job.
Smart, effective, and best part ANNOYING!!!
lol nice steering mech. very efficient

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