Introduction: Little Bits Solid State Flyback Driver!!!!!

here I use little bits circuits to make a solid state flyback driver!

Step 1: Modules.

here I am using the following modules: power, oscillator, and synth speaker

Step 2: Putting It Together.

the modules are magnetic, put them together in this order, power, (optional, keyboard, don't have to have it, it just does really nifty stuff), oscillator, and synth speaker( remove the speaker from board and find a connector that fits in the port). You have to put it together in that order!!

Step 3: Flyback Connection( Must Be a Small Ac Flyback or It Will Burn the Power Supply Up or Driver!)

take the connector and wire straight to the primary of the flyback. next plug into the port on the module.
If you want to drive a large transformer, use a solid state relay!

Step 4: Done!

turn it on and see your fluorescent light bulb light up!


blackhol1 (author)2014-12-13

I will, thanks

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-12-13

What an awesome little gadget! Welcome to instrucables, hope to see more from you soon!

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