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I  don't know if it works for you but me yes!!!!

Step 5:

What is that paper
needs a fin at the back<br> / l<br>_________________/ l
Hang it from the ceiling, it'll look very nice and with a bit of imagination you can fly it over far away places and see amazing things in your dreams. There are times when we don't need to care about Bernoully, Newton, aerodynamics and the lot. I like it.
thank you!!!!
Knex are too heavy :( try using balsa wood rods
will it fly
i doubt it flies at all...
You need to add more description to the steps. It seems unstable, due to the lack of a third tail fin and additional central support.
How flexible are the K'NEX joints?<br><br>Could it's own weight force the wings into a stabilising dihedral angle when in the air?
I rather doubt it.

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