This is a fun little machine my son and I built with littleBits. Built around the littleBits Arduino, this machine sounds the buzzer at random intervals, requiring the annoyed person press the button at random times. It's a nice little prototype of a snooze function on an alarm clock that prevents over sleeping.

Step 1: Needed Parts

This contraption needs these littleBits parts:

  • p1 - Power to run the machine.
    • Or any power module that can power these parts
  • i3 - Button to turn off the buzzer.
    • Many other input modules could be used, but may need minor code changes.
  • o3 - RGB LED indicate the machine is on.
    • Or any output device to indicate the machine is running.
  • o6 - Buzzer to annoy the victim.
    • Or any other output such as the servo attached to an actuator that tickles the victim.
  • w1 - Wire to connect the output to the button.
    • Multiple wires can extend the button further away form the machine.
  • w6 - Arduino module

<p>Oh, a video of this could be mischievous fun....</p>

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