Picture of littleBits Arduino Annoying Machine

This is a fun little machine my son and I built with littleBits. Built around the littleBits Arduino, this machine sounds the buzzer at random intervals, requiring the annoyed person press the button at random times. It's a nice little prototype of a snooze function on an alarm clock that prevents over sleeping.

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Step 1: Needed Parts

Picture of Needed Parts

This contraption needs these littleBits parts:

  • p1 - Power to run the machine.
    • Or any power module that can power these parts
  • i3 - Button to turn off the buzzer.
    • Many other input modules could be used, but may need minor code changes.
  • o3 - RGB LED indicate the machine is on.
    • Or any output device to indicate the machine is running.
  • o6 - Buzzer to annoy the victim.
    • Or any other output such as the servo attached to an actuator that tickles the victim.
  • w1 - Wire to connect the output to the button.
    • Multiple wires can extend the button further away form the machine.
  • w6 - Arduino module

Step 2: Connecting the littleBits

Picture of Connecting the littleBits

This machine is built around the Arduino module. Make these littleBits connections:

  1. Connect the power to a0 or a1 (shown) on Arduino Bit
  2. Connect the wire to d0 on the Arduino
  3. Connect the button to d9 on the Arduino
  4. Connect the loose end of the wire to the button
  5. Connect the LED to d5 on the Arduino
  6. Connect the buzzer to d1 Arduino

Now your device is ready for programming.

Oh, a video of this could be mischievous fun....