As we took on the littleBits Instructable Build Night with some of the littleBits projects (many which were done with our Kid's Open Make group), we noticed that the parts would sometimes slip as they were being moved around and tested out. When this happened, the connection to each module would obviously be severed. Thus, the idea for individual clips was born.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools needed:

- 3D Printer (any type will do)

- Digital Calipers

*Note: We realize not everyone will have a 3D printer but as this Instructable Build night was done at the Tampa Hackerspace, we had access to this equipment. We hope you too might have a space like this near you!*

<p>They now make brick adapters that work with LEGO Bricks <a href="http://littlebits.cc/accessories/brick-adapter" rel="nofollow">http://littlebits.cc/accessories/brick-adapter </a> and <br>Mounting Boards http://littlebits.cc/accessories/mounting-board that allow the littleBits to be attached. The first time your bits are snapped onto the mounting board may take a few tries to get them to stay, so they aren't 100% perfect.<br></p>
<p>Could design something in V Carve Pro and cut it out of plastic... </p>
<p>Very true. Especially if you have access to a small CNC machine (we have a Shapeoko 2 at the space).</p>
<p>Um yeah we just use rubber bands for hair and wrap those on. Im just saying is all. Please don't hate me for my attitusde</p>
<p>Cool, that works too. Necessity is the mother of invention, no?</p>
Nice! I have littleBits and I also thought they needed more than just magnets to connect.

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