Picture of littleGoal: World Cup Match Notifier

[ This Instructable was made at the Taipei Hackerspace littleBits Instructables Build Night. ]

Can't watch the World Cup football games, but want to know when important game events (ie. goals) happen? Then littleGoal is for you!

The littleGoal setup will monitor the game's progress, and alert you via vigorous flag-waving and a photogenic Goal! sign when anything of importance happens during your World Cup game.

It is intended to be quickly assembled, minimalistic, and pretty much ready to use for your next game!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

What's needed?

The wire modules make it easier to place the relevant pieces, while the fork+buzzer is only needed if you want sound effects as well besides the light effects.

The little bit parts were all included in the single littleBits Deluxe Kit, except for the Arduino module.

The power is originally provided by a 9V battery. Servos use quite a bit of power, though, so I ended up adding a 9V wall plug that fit the same power module to make sure the Arduino doesn't go under voltage and restart on me...

craftclarity9 months ago

Cool project!

taipeihackerspace (author)  craftclarity8 months ago

Thank you!