Have you ever wanted to trap that rodent home invader known only as the easter bunny?
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Step 1: The materials

materials needed


2, 1"x6"x16" SIDE
2 1"X8"X16" TOP/BOTTOM
1 1"X6"X6" DOOR
1 1"X8"X8" BACK

use pressure treated lumber if you dont want to have to waterproof it yourself. I used plywood that i had left over in my garage it was very bad so dont use plywood.

fish line, string, wire anything of the like

nails or screws

hinge, preferably one of those little hinges with the spring built in so it stays open automatically, or just use a rubber band and a couple of screws to make it have the spring action.

Step 2: Pookie

ok so the idea is a big wooden box with a door that swings shut behind the furry enemy as it eats the tasty treat at the end of the tunnel. This design is a modified one that came from my grandparents beagle farm.

so first things first you need to make the box. The way I like to do this is to first nail the two sides onto the bottom Aka nail through the bottom and into the side of the pieces of wood that make up the sides of the trap. Make sure to drill pilot holes before you nail or screw. I used three nails for each joint, one in the middle and one at each end. After you get both of the side onto the bottom its time to add the back. line the back up with the two sides and the bottom and nail it on.

Step 3: Now for the top

ah yes the top. Im not really sure why I made a step for the top exclusively, but I did. Any way add the top the same way you did the back and nail it on. The top will need to have two holes cut in it and two holes chiseled in it but we can do that later.
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Rabbits R us3 months ago
That is horrible, poor bunnies.
i would think rabbit wouldnt go into a dark box but the do?
yes they do, rabbits love dark, enclosed spaces, you forget they live in burrows.
depending on where you live and the Rabbit species will determine if they burrow or not. cottontails and hares do not burrow.. have lived in Va. NC. Ga Tn and Ky.. mostly cotton tails they nest above ground.
good point
yes, we have lots of rabbits at our house.
okiimatsu5 years ago
I made one and it came out great. i made a few changes and added a couple of things (longer box, magnets for the front door, handle, feet/legs). The rogue squirrel which was living high on the hog on my property was nabbed the first time I set it out within an hour. sayonara sucker. Of course I let him go on the other side of town in a good spot. He got a chance that ninety nine out of a hundred rednecks wouldn't have give him. Thanks for the project!
not sayonara, sianara.
it is spelled sianara.
omae nihongo nani mo shiranai kuseni nani ittendayo!!!
Guys, transliterations, by definition, have no "correct" spellings! There are definitely worse ways and better ways to transliterate something, but that doesn't mean one way is more correct than the other.
is the correct spelling
Not in this universe.

sa·yo·na·ra (s-när) interj. Goodbye. [Japanese saynara : say, thus (sa, that + y, appearance from Middle Chinese jiang) + nara, if it be, indeed.]
forgot pic.
that is sweet
austin (author)  okiimatsu5 years ago
awesome, i like the camo
mr. clean4 years ago
i made one of these and let me tell ya you are brilliant for coming up with this design i caught a chipmunk within 10 minutes of setting it and then after releasing the chipmunk i caught it again within 5 lol.
 Heres my metal version to catch squirrels.
i made some thing like this when i was 11, i used a mouse trap to hold the string that held the door up, and attached a carrot to some fishing line to the mouse trap. rabbit want, bait rabit pull bait, door close and rabbit is caught.
octo1375 years ago
where i used to live, you just waited a few days and a rabbit would come to an easy to catch spot and my friends and i used old soccer nets to snag them
0087adam5 years ago
But did you catch anything, it would work better if it was wire mesh, they sell these in the store you know....
austin (author)  0087adam5 years ago
yes i did also check out the other comments
0087adam5 years ago
Keep in mind though these are wild bunnies, and occasionally you may catch someones lost house pet, but its best not to keep the rabbits.
0087adam5 years ago
but did u catch anything?
criplein055 years ago
The trap is great. I shoot the metal piece with my bb gun to see if the door shut ,all the time. m thanks
ringring5 years ago
i just hid 1 up at a golf coase were they have a rabbit problem and i caught 3 in one week end 1 friday night ,1 saturday morning ,and one sunday morning it was a great success and i showed the owners that i got three with out using there profesianaly made ones ...thanks mate!
merp7 years ago
so why are we trapping them?
austin (author)  merp7 years ago
various reasons my grandfather used to use them to train beagles to track. Also if you want them gone but dont want to kill them.
Why wouldn't you want to kill them they taste great.
how would like to be trapped and killed and eaten >:(
Thankfully us humans don't have a whole lot to worry about in that respect, being on the top of the food chain and all. Yeah, I know there are rare cases now and then of animals killing us, but you'll notice that when lions or other large animals kill a person they very rarely ever actually eat them. Even when they had time and a chance to eat them.
bennor3 merp6 years ago
its fun
omnibot merp7 years ago
Coz it's fun??
stAzer5 years ago
To my experience rabbits prefer Banana's, and I'm less likely to catch a badger.
idy266 years ago
Do we have any proof that this actually works. I guess i'm asking about catching wild rabbits, because they're smarter.
austin (author)  idy266 years ago
yea its worked for me before
Take a picture of real proof. (Live Evidence).
Heres mine!
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