today i  applied some stencil work to my living room using:

tree shape stencil
paint colors that give furniture's colors (in my case i used black, orange, yellow, white)
painting roll

i made 3 layers: far trees, middle, and foreground

my furniture is two colors: beige and orange

so i made my colors to be:
far is lighter tone of the beige
middle is the beige
foreground is orange

far trees:

i put the stencil on the wall in the lowest position it can be and fixed it firmly with tape in order not to move when i am working
then painted with the light beige
then removed the stencil

do this as many times as you want to have trees in this level

middle trees:

i did the same with the beige color but putting the stencil in a little bit higher position as it is supposed to be nearer than the previous trees

foreground trees:

also the same but with orange color and higher position than the middle ones

put some birds  and now you have an astonishing wall without being a decor specialist
<p>Looks so professional while simple and smart. Thank you for sharing.</p>
<strong>Awesome !!!</strong>

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