Step 3: Measure once, Cut twice!

Now is the time for measuring your bed and cutting the basic peices from your 2x4s.
(Did you know that 2x4s are nowhere NEAR 2 inches by 4 inches? More like 1.5x3.5 after they finish the lumber)

Decide what size bed you want.

I wanted a full, so I found out how long a full was and added an inch to allow for bedding.

My total length for the upper and lower long supports:

Total width needed to support my mattress:
55" (subtract 3 inches to allow for the ends of my long supports to meet my short supports as in the corner drawing)

The slats will be a full 55" so they overlap the top of the long supports.

My legs also needed to be 55" to allow 45" clearance for the dresser to fit under the bed. The biscuit joined supports use up another 7 inches and 3" stick up above the top to prevent the slats and mattress from sliding around too much.

you'll need to measure:
5 long boards (76")
4 short boards (52")
2 med short (53.5)
9 legs (one for the ladder) (55")
lots o' slats (I had 11) (55")
Steps: as many as you need to get to the top. I used 3 (23")

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