Introduction: Lolli Juice Cube Summer Treat

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this is a lollipop together with juice which you can enjoy this summer or even if it is not summer it is for kids and adults!!!!!!! it is easy to make with the materials you can find in your house yum yum!

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

Picture of Materials You'll Need

-ice cube tray
-lollipops (different flavors)
-juice (different flavors)
-tape (not shown in the pic. but it's needed)

Step 2: Mix a Juice

Picture of Mix a Juice

mix different flavors of juice in a glass

Step 3: Pouring Time!

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pour the juice in the ice cube tray

Step 4: Lollipop!

Picture of Lollipop!

put in lollipops in each square

Step 5: Tape

put tape around the lollipop stick and stick the excess in the tray you'll do this to make it stand straight and steady

Step 6: To the Fridge!

Picture of To the Fridge!

now put it inside the freezer to make it frozen

Step 7: Well Done!

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check if it is now frozen and if it is frozen put it out of the freezer and put out the tape to and get one of a lolli juice cube out from the tray and start licking and eating hope you enjoy!


LemonLily (author)2009-03-23

Thats cool, thank you for sharing!

hermionegranger (author)2009-03-23

don't quite get step 5 (what's the purpose of tape?) but great idea! I'm gonna try it :))

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