Picture of long reach watering device
If you have a need to water a plant that is higher than you can reach, you don't have to go and get the step ladder with this little device
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
One spray bottle (Dollar Tree: $1 - or recycle something)
some aquarium tubing
long branch or bamboo stick

3 small sections of heat shrink tubing one each of 3/4", 1/2", 1/4"
heat gun


female to male hose adapter from the hardware store: 5/16" female to 1/4" male - $2-$4

Step 2: Remove the cap

Picture of remove the cap
Unscrew the nozzle cap from the bottle

Step 3: Attach 3/4" heat shrink tubing

Picture of attach 3/4
Slide the nozzle cap into a one inch section of 3/4" heat shrink tubing and then use your heat gun to shrink it down around the cap.


Step 4: Attach the 1/2" heat shrink tubing

Picture of attach the 1/2
Now, slide an inch section of the 1/2" heat shrink tubing over the previous section of tubing.

Use the heat shrink gun to shrink it down around the aquarium tubing as shown in the video.


Step 5: Attach the 1/4" heat shrink

Picture of attach the 1/4
Slide a small slice of 1/4" heat shrink tubing onto the tube and gently slide it up over the previously shrunk tubing section.  It will be a tight squeeze, but just be gentle and twist it a little and it should slide on.

Use the heat gun to shrink this piece down around the aquarium tubing.

Step 6: Attach a long stick

Picture of attach a long stick
Tie the end of the aquarium tubing to the end of a long branch or stick. Use a rubber band or cable tie - whatever you think.  The rubber band I used is not aesthetically pleasing, but it works.  Heat shrink might be a better choice here.

Step 7: Test it out

Picture of test it out
When you squeeze the trigger, the water should flow through the tube without leaking.

Step 8: Now you can reach very high plants

Picture of now you can reach very high plants

Step 9: Another option

Picture of another option
I also found these little adapters at the hardware store which perfectly fit my Dollar Tree sprayer bottle - aquarium tube combo. 

The adapter shown is a 5/16" female to 1/4" male coupler.  About $2.75

Very nice, that should work out very well. I like the second idea better, less work.
The best submission, I believe thus far.
Good luck I will be making one of these with a larger spray bottle.. I do not plant high because of watering problems... This is the answer, very functional