Picture of long shot c-s-6- modifacation
this is a cool modifacation it is simple and easy
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Step 1: Suplies

Picture of suplies
you will need:
two metallic colors of spray paint,
cotton swabs,
tarp or news paper (to paint on),
time to do this,
and of course a long shot

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of getting started
first off you need to lay down your tarp so you don't get paint everywhere
pull down the bi-pod and sit it on your tarp

Step 3: Time to paint

Picture of time to paint
shake your spray paint whell... and you know how to opperate spray paint. **make sure you get all
of the gun covered in paint

Step 4: Occupying your self through drying time

this is the easiest step of all. just watch tv

Step 5: When it is dry

Picture of when it is dry
this is the fun part, when your main color is dry, take your other color and spray a ton on the tarp
dip the cotton swab in it and make funky metal patterns all over the gun. you also can do it to the clip and scope.