today I will be showing you how to make a ladder bracelet
made out of loom bands...

Step 1: Loom Position

make sure your loom is as shown in this photo.

<p>i made it but i didnt understand some part dear friend</p>
<p>but ur directions re complicated dear frnd fnd another thank you</p>
here is mine. just re-word step two to &quot;put your boarder on up the left side then go back to the first peg and then put the boarder on up the right side. &quot;
I know why it didn't work for anyone. In step two you weren't clear. What everyone did was start at the beginning where you said to but put the boarder all the way around. What was needed to be done was start of by putting the boarder on the left side and when you get to the end, DO NOT keep going till u reach where you started. Instead, finish the boarder on the left side then stop. Go back to the first peg and then do the right side. Hope the helps everyone, it'll stay together this way.
Nope, step 7 has me foxed. The bracelet had just fallen apart when I took it off the loom, only the central part stayed together.
Not understanding step 7 at all.
Where do you get the metal hook from?
craft stores its just a crochet hook but I got a size h

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