Picture of loom band

this here is an autism ribbon
but you can do any color you want ...

Step 1: Loom position

Picture of loom position

make sure your loom is just as shown in this picture

by double bands do u mean 2 bands or 1 band eraped twice?
Loominglucky8 months ago
Hi really easy tutorial to follow except the looping part it says push back the cap band and grab the two bottom bands but you can't as they are only on the closed side of the peg HELP!! Really stuck
So cute!I made this one for a friend whos aunt died of cancer. I also made an autism one for my bff who is autistic and loves loom bands
jaqiidiaz3 (author)  DoctorAubrey11 months ago
awesome ..that's so sweet I'm sure they loved it ;)
mfaucher1 year ago
it's really easy to do. used it to do some children cancer awerness it's also a good size to make a key holder charm.
That's a really cute and fun project thanks for sharing;) I think you should make more loom instructables......
jaqiidiaz3 (author)  emmasharkeyshark1 year ago
thank you &&your very welcome ...&& will do ;)
jaqiidiaz3 (author) 1 year ago
feel free to comment .. no negative please!! you can also give me requests n i can make more !! #follow