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Introduction: Loom Band "ribbon"

About: mother of 3 princesses ;)

this here is an autism ribbon
but you can do any color you want ...

Step 1: Loom Position

make sure your loom is just as shown in this picture

Step 2: Choose Your Color

first choose your colors
in my case I'll be using pink for a breast cancer awareness ribbon

Step 3: Start Placing Your Rubber Bands

we are going to use double bands through this hole process!!
1.take double bands and place the from the middle peg to the left peg.
2.now take double bands and go up three times.
3.take double bands and go from the left peg to the middle peg.
do the same for the right side
4.now do the same for the other side
&& it should look like my fourth picture :)

Step 4: Placing the Bottom Bands

this part you can do it how ever long you want but I like the size I make because it looks better to me..but its up to you ;)
1.you will be placing double bands from the middle peg to the upper right peg.
2.now from the right peg you will go down five times or more or less how ever you want it in my case it will be five..

do the same thing for the other side
3.start back at the middle peg from the middle peg to your upper left .
4.now go down five times

it should look like my fourth picture ;)

Step 5: Placing Cap Bands

on the bottom of both ends you will be placing cap bands
1.turn your loom around "make sure it looks like the first picture"!!
2.take your hook and wrap ONE band around 3 times to make four loops and it should look like my second picture .
3.now place your first cap band on the last peg where your bands end

do the same for the other end

Step 6: Time to Loop

1.push back your cap band and grab the bottom two bands then loop forward until it looks like the third picture

do the same for the other side

2.now go from the left peg to the middle then the right peg to the middle it should look like my fourth picture
3.for this part you have to be carefully since there is a lot of bands go behind all the bands and grab the top two bands "these should go to the top left as shown in my fifth picture"
4.loop all the way up and from your last peg loop from your left to the middle final peg
do the same for the other side

"it should look like my last photo"

Step 7: Last Step Before Pulling It Off the Loom

1.put your hook through all the rubber bands as shown in the first photo
2.place double bands on your hook
3.loop it through so it looks like the third photo
4.create a slip knot
pull tight

Step 8: Now Pull It Off the Loom and DONE

and it should look like this

hope you guys like it !!



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So cute!I made this one for a friend whos aunt died of cancer. I also made an autism one for my bff who is autistic and loves loom bands

2 replies

That is so nice of you! Very sweet! ;)

awesome ..that's so sweet I'm sure they loved it ;)

Hi really easy tutorial to follow except the looping part it says push back the cap band and grab the two bottom bands but you can't as they are only on the closed side of the peg HELP!! Really stuck

it's really easy to do. used it to do some children cancer awerness it's also a good size to make a key holder charm.


That's a really cute and fun project thanks for sharing;) I think you should make more loom instructables......

1 reply

thank you &&your very welcome ...&& will do ;)

feel free to comment .. no negative please!! you can also give me requests n i can make more !! #follow