A Loupe (pronounced loop) is a type of magnification device used to see small details more closely and  can be found in many industries that require close examination of small details. Jewelery experts use them to inspect gems, in printing they are used to check colour and quality of prints, and back-yard entomologists can use them to examine creepy-crawlies without them scurrying away.

The loupe shown here is made from a reused paper coffee cup. While you may not be using this to check out the Star of Africa anytime soon you can still see what bugs are hiding in your garden, up close!
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Enough talk, let's loupe!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

To make your own loupe you will need:
  • hobby knife
  • plastic magnifying sheet (found at dollar store)
  • any size paper cup
Oh - a Fresnel lens! I remember playing with those in elementary school! :) Cool project.
Nice project Mike, thanks, I will try it. May be useful for those of us that are a bit vision challenged; I will use mine in the shop. <br> <br>You must be Canadian, Montreal? <br> <br>
Thanks, I hope it helps you out. I would love to see your version of this when you make it! <br /> <br />I'm from Vancouver
I have never heard of a plastic magnifying sheet....but now I want one! This is a very neat idea, well done!
Basically a thin plastic fresnel lens, usually found in office supply store.

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