Kind of. But I wouldn't say it that way, it's kind of rude.
<p>I agree</p>
Well, yes, but its already a copy of the glass illusion.
true true
So is this just so he can increase page views to his video and thus, make more money from MetaCafe and not because he's instructing anyone in anything?
true true
There are totally two identical people in the the glasses just facing the other way. FAKE
nope its real, they are filled with water, only an kid would think it is fake though i am a 12 year old
<p>Me too</p>
<p>Water Reflects just like an inside pool. The water reflects the light. </p>
i think there are another pictures in the other side of the glasses ^__^
I saw this in a magazine once! It's not really a trick, the glasses just bed the light so they look turned around!
I don't get it...?
The two glasses of water makes it look like the two "people" turned around and faced each other.

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