Low cost eco-friendly mask =]

Picture of low cost eco-friendly mask =]
i made this for my art class. didn't do a tutorial on it but if there are many requests than i will.=]

items used:
1 plastic mask
note cards
wooden stick/rod
pipe cleaner(optional)
hot glue gun
elmer's school glue
other sequins and fun stuff to decorate.=]

takes at the most 3 hours.=]
i had to research some of the techniques.
hope you like it!
I would love to see a tutorial! Especially on how you did those flowers.
jneves23 years ago
Please do a tutorial
sooo prettayyy(:
lovely_jessye (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic3 years ago
thanks!, and thanks again for the follow.=]
LorenGaga3 years ago
loooove it! please make it an istructable!
lovely_jessye (author)  LorenGaga3 years ago
thank you!.
melraeart3 years ago
This is really cute! Great creativity!!! :)
lovely_jessye (author)  melraeart3 years ago