Picture of low frequency audio amplifier using the LM386

The integrated chip LM386 is a low power audio frequency amplifier requiring a low level power supply . The IC is designed to deliver a voltage amplification of 20 without external add-on parts. But this voltage gain can be raised up to 200 (Vu = 200) by adding external parts.

soo today i am going to show you how to make a  low frequency audio amplifier using the LM386 .

Step 1: Getting started






Have fun building your amp.. :)
osdoyi made it!18 days ago

I have made it. But lm385 is overheating. What could be the problem ?

KevinP87 months ago

Hi. can you make tutorial video.


obwonkonobe8 months ago

hi, i made the exact circuit, and it does work, but i'm having a major issue, it noisy. it almost sounds like some one crumpling newspaper on a microphone. i removed the 10uf capacitor between pins 1 and 10, and that seamed to help, is there anything else that may be causing the issue? thanks in advance!

how would I filter the psu?
Filter the psu

sorry, pins 1 and 8

DearN8 months ago

Hi, I would like to amplify a 100-200 mv pulse to 5v DC. The frequency of the pulse would vary between 20-600 per second. At lower frequency the pulse is 100-200 mv, So I would like to amplify it to 5 volt. But at higher frequency the pulse goes upto 30-50 volts. So I would like to maintain the pulse to 5 volts at all frequencies So I need the schematics for it or the desired changes in the above schematics. Plz PlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlzPlz

rimar20001 year ago

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

Er Varun Goyal (author)  rimar20001 year ago


its my pleasure sir,.....

Can i use a 3 watt 8 ohms speaker??

cooltech121 year ago

easy and cool . thanks for sharing.

pretty cool.

added to my collection.

will try to make.

thank you.

Er Varun Goyal (author)  samuraijack1 year ago

anytime sir. .. and thanx to you too .