Low $ offroad/cargo bicycle trailer conversion from kid trailer

Picture of low $ offroad/cargo bicycle trailer conversion from kid trailer
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With a little effort you can make a durable and reasonably light weight bicycle cargo trailer, from an existing kid carriage, such as one discarded because the fabric is weathered or destroyed. These are easy to find in scrap-yards, through 2nd hand stores, garage sales, and classifieds. 

I made my trailer for under 20 bucks. I had to buy a couple cans of paint, a sheet of sandpaper, a spring for the hitch, and a replacement bolt & knob for the hitch. I already had some wire panel. Those are about $15 each, so you should be able to build this trailer for under $100 easily, even if you need a replacement hitch or something.  I'm going to add a reflective sign or panel on the back for going can collecting and fishing. 

I suggest a steel frame trailer with 16 or 20" wheels, quick-detach wheels, quick-clamp hitch, and folding capability. The Safety First model is easy to find for less than $50 even in good condition. I got one from  the trash for free! 

UPDATE: This trailer is still in use, and working well. The rubber/plastidip on the clamp has come off, so I carefully padded the clamp with Gorilla Tape. This held up all day in 100+F heat, and did not scratch the bike frame. Make sure the corners of the clamp are protected or they will 'bite" the frame.

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Tater Zoid11 months ago

Thank you for the great updates, I'm inspired to build my own.

Yard Sale Dale (author) made it!1 year ago

This is still going strong more than a year later. I have used it very often.

boulder park trailer 1.jpgSchwinn crawler tool trailer 2.jpg
Yard Sale Dale (author) 1 year ago
The gorilla tape on the clamp did not hold up after heavy use. Better to tape the frame tube, or just break out $10 for some plasti-dip. I'm going to get some and re-cover the clamps on several trailers. The clamp type is convenient, but not the best design. If you can, get the axle mount hitches.
Yard Sale Dale (author) 1 year ago
The trailer is still going strong, used even with 70lb of cargo. I recommend Amerityre polyurethane solid tires.
Yard Sale Dale (author) 2 years ago
This works well for doing trail maintenance! It has surprising ground clearance, and can hold stuff like shovels, rakes, chainsaw, etc. Even if you have to walk the bike some, it can help speed up moving rocks, tools, concrete bags, etc in the trail that is not very accessible by truck or ATV.

You can use this with some good quality tires for going on camping trips or bike tours.
Yard Sale Dale (author) 2 years ago
This has worked great. I am very happy with it. It is about 20 lb, and stores flat inside a garage or car.
Yard Sale Dale (author) 2 years ago
Here's another replacement hitch from Chariot brand.