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This is my first project with arduino, the idea is to fill a bag of air and control its height from the floor, this is a project and can be deployed on larger scale, let's just follow the wiring diagram and transfer code for the Arduino:


1 x engine pressure gauge mitsumi
1 x General purpose transistor (TIP 31C)
1 x air bag (cardiac pressure gauge)
1 x electric air valve
x x wires (jumpers)
4 push buttons
2 Generic diode (1N4407)
4 220ohm resistors
1 Arduino uno
1 breadboard


/* suspencao a ar
criado por : Renan Rider
data: 08/01/2014

int motor = 9;
int valv  = 8;
int button_ar = 7;
int button_valv = 6;
int button_ar_all = 5;
int button_valv_low = 4;

void setup(){


  pinMode(motor, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(valv, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(button_ar, INPUT);
  pinMode(button_valv, INPUT);
  pinMode(button_ar_all, INPUT);
  pinMode(button_valv_low, INPUT);


void loop(){ 

  int estado_ar = digitalRead(button_ar);
  int estado_valv = digitalRead(button_valv);
  int estado_ar_all = digitalRead(button_ar_all);
  int estado_valv_low = digitalRead(button_valv_low);


  if(estado_ar == HIGH){         // enche o balao de ar por 3 segundos depois para

    digitalWrite(valv, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motor, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motor, LOW);


  if(estado_valv == HIGH){       // aciona a valvula de ar esvaziando o balao para ajustar a altura correta

    digitalWrite(valv, LOW);
    digitalWrite(valv, HIGH);

    digitalWrite(motor, LOW);


  if(estado_valv_low == HIGH){ // esvazia todo o balao abaixando a suspencao

    digitalWrite(valv, LOW);
    digitalWrite(motor, LOW);


  if(estado_ar_all == HIGH){   // aciona o motor enchendo o balao ate a altura maxima por 6 segundos depois manten a altura

    digitalWrite(valv, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motor, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motor, LOW);



ssakiss1 (author)2014-01-23

Good morning I am getting the arduino uno with the monitor. Want to have 5 booton and clicking individually to my display a MESSAGE on the screen when the potato and when let off. these be in the second row while the first shows to permanently temperature from someone sensor someone can help. thanks

rrider2 (author)2014-01-16
Autodesk Circuits (author)2014-01-09

Great project! To be eligible for the awesome Judges Prize you would want to translate your project to 123D Circuits. Since you have already made it once it would be easy to re-make in circuits. You can then compile and run your code, simulate it in the browser.

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