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Introduction: Lunchbox Synth

Crammed a digital delay, spring reverb and function generator into a lunchbox. The fact that it says korg is sort of a synth geek joke. _ Big thanks go out to and for being such great resources for this beginner. All boards etched by me using press-n-peel blue and RadioShack etchant.

audio samples are here for all settings full and here for a little restraint



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not bad considering its 72000 years old.....they just don't make em like they used to...rock and roll an all...

I remembered your synth when I was at Goodwill looking for an enclosure for a project and bought a lunchbox for it. Thanks for the cool idea.

<3 your project! sounds great, glad I could help inspire. :)

ive an old casio key board i just gutted ive plans to put it in somesorts box , with were the keys press down on swiches {is a 2 parter} on the surface along with its other pad switches , im still searching for a good containr . im wondering if any of the digital delay, spring reverb and function generator would work hooked to it as well for added sounds , it has midi in/out but my kore2 synth is already in use with upgraded devices . have you seen any keyboard hacks that look easy ?

I love this. I was thinking about building a lunch box synth but with the control panel inside instead of using the metal lid. Then it would be its own case as well.

That's a great idea! Also it'd be a little easier to assemble. ;) I'm finding that the solid core wire i ended up using for convenience is starting to break since everyone wants to see inside and they flex when I open the door. :( I recommend using a clear plexi/acrylic for your panel so everyone can see the guts without taking the box apart. Also post a pic or a link when you get yours done. I'd LOVE to see it! Happy Making!

Hello there, I'm making an experiment based on non-newtonian fluids and I need to build a analog frequency emissor, i mean like this:, but analog, something like what you got here..I don't understand much about electronics and i tougth maybe you could help me or recommend a site that could be useful to me..thankz

 I'd be happy to help.  Please PM me about what you need to do and we'll see where to go from there.  :)

what do you mean by PM? I'm sorry, but I'm not english and I'm not familiar with some terms :( sorry again

Sorry.  PM is Private Message.  You can do this by clicking on my user name and then click the Private Message me button.  :)