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This is a gun that i have been desighning for a while. it is sort of like a cross between a knex gun and crossbow. it can shoot very fast and very hard will shoot 75-125ft. with 4 rubberbands. it has a 12 round magazine and fiber optic sight. There are two shooting modes a mag and a add on single shot barrel for increased accuracy and power. for the battle field or for faster shooting I reccomend using the mag because you can shoot it faster. But if you do target shooting then i reccomend using the barrel for its good accuracy and power. please leave comments. PS i am open to suggestions about this gun email me @ lunchboxrc95@aol.com Please leave NICE comments THX. Happy Shooting.

Step 1: The Propulsion system

Picture of The Propulsion system
1. Biuld this
2. build this
3. Add #1 to # 2
stopanator6 years ago
bad lookin man
lunchboxrc (author) 6 years ago
no they made a black connector but it fails bec. the rods get stuck in the mag I mean the MAG!!
MI67 years ago
Nice !
strato967 years ago
Is it possible to sub the modified grays?
bumpus7 years ago
no, unless you have a VERY big pocket
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
what did it say?
do we need to have that weird looking green piece
thebboy7 years ago
can you vote more than once?
bumpus thebboy7 years ago
thebboy bumpus7 years ago
actually ya u can, i voted on the pocket graphiti pen and the fireball shooter, and i guess i'll vote on this too, if there's no limit
bumpus thebboy7 years ago
i thought you ment vote more than once on one single instructable
thebboy bumpus7 years ago
oh no.
flames103917 years ago
fiber optic sight?
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
sry about the block trigger seemed like the bestg opton at the time if anyone has mods please post!!
dsman1952767 years ago
not a crossbow...
it looks like you just added a long barrel to this bow

but it looks cool :-)
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
it usually shoots 75 ft but it will occasionally get a really good shot
lunchboxrc (author) 7 years ago
i know it was an accident putting it in the contest
thebboy7 years ago
oh ya +1
thebboy7 years ago
Cool! does it really shoot up to 125 feet?
DaNerd117 years ago
This doesn't exaclty look pocket sized...