M4a1 Knex Gun





Introduction: M4a1 Knex Gun

Hey this is my M4a1 and it realy looks like a m4a1.
My gun shoots about 10 to 27ft not bad.
Its really accurate.
I hope u love it..
And u can costomeze it.
Have fun.

Step 1: The Ram

this is like the XM8 ram but more powerful.

Step 2: Mag

This is the same mag of Bruce XM8 Cause its cool lol.

Step 3: Handle

The handle can be costomized i only made this randomly.

Step 4: The But

The but and at the middle theirs only 2 gray lonng piece cause the ram go on it.

The 2 pic is gray pieces for the head to not bang the ram when shoot( i made it to close thats y) its not important to ppl that don t aim while the head is on but.

Step 5: The Triger

This is the triger and as u can see i put a little green rod in the 3 big green conecter do that to the triger for it be more stable.

Step 6: For Clip

U need this to attach the clip.

Step 7: Sign

I call it sign #2 and carrier.

U can adjust it if ur gun shot side ways (not suppose to)

Step 8: A Connecter

To connect at the barrel.

Step 9: The Barrel

This is the barrel u will have to cur 2 gray peices like shown. and u need to put gray cercles.
I hope ull understand wt the steps.

Step 10: Front Barrel

This is the front barrel and as u can see the sign #1 and I almost forgot that u need to add a white cercle at the back >>> so no pieces are suppose to be loose.

Step 11: Connect All

Connect all steps togeter.
It hard to connect the barrel and the other barrel togeter you need skills like me :D
...That was my main plan...draw on paper...



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mmmm.... without being unnecessarily mean... it doesn't olok much like an M4. you sure have a lot of guns. if your gonna make a replica focus on all the details, not whether it reminds you of an M4, but whether it IS an M4. i should put this somewhere cause it doesn't shoot from the mag, but it looks so...awesome: (it will only shoot a bultet that is longer or equal to a blue, and since white was the bullet i chose at the beggining, i failed)

M4A1 017.JPGM4A1 021.JPGM4A1 018.JPGM4A1 019.JPGM4A1 020.JPGM4A1 022.JPGM4A1 023.JPGM4A1 024.JPGM4A1 025.JPG

is that yours? you are so good at making knex guns look like real life guns! im still working on mine, but it is pretty good so far, it isn't too close to the actual thing, but im a begginer so its ok for me.

yeah, that's mine. it took 2 days. hopefully you can come up with something that shoots, XD.

when are you posting that! *gobsmacked*

im not posting the M4A1 unless people will swear not to vote it down because it doesn't shoot from the mag.

i don't care how it shoots,if it looks good i build it

i'm sorry, but this is a gun that you won't be building. Rest in Peace M4A1.

XD don't worry, im not that bad, i have made some amazing guns before, but then i took them apart!!!!! the L96A1 is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was referring to my gun not shooting, XD.