M4 Mini Marshmallow Rifle





Introduction: M4 Mini Marshmallow Rifle

not much to say but its just an old airsoft m16 i had gathering dust and decided to turn it into a marshmellow gun. its pretty good shoots mini marshmallows though still workin on it because i need to seal the pieces. im also still workin on a way to aim this at least a little bit i might make a grenade launcher sight. and if anyone wants the measure ments for it ill post them and also only cost about 5 dollars for the pvc and i still have 5ft left over.



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omg nice but how can you turn a airsoft gun into a marsh mallow gun its a crime to airsoft lol

i don't think the airsoft gun worked anymore, either that or it was a crap one

yea it was a crosman something stock and mag release was broken. i got it to work but it definatley wasn't worth the trouble of keeping

crossman mp5k heres the webiste http://www.walmart.com/ip/Crosman-Airsoft-Pulse-R71-Tac-Repeater/15103410

oh right but you could have tried a new gearbox or somthing any way nice marsh mallow gun