all credits to barrax exept the modding part,it now has a releaselbe mag and it looks good the bad thing is that it cant shoot anymore! i know how to fix this but im to lazy to do that.


releaseble mag (push a certain button)
100% not flimsy stock (strong stock)
looks good :)


cant shoot *see last step for the change to make it shoot (no pictures!)*

Step 1: Make Barrax Its Acr

in this step you have to make barrax its acr!!! heres the link!!


Step 2: Stock

make the stock!

Step 3: Barrel


Step 4: Releaseble Magazine and the Magazine


Step 5: Shooting Version!!!!

lets see if i have any usefull picture...maybe i can use these
READ ALL NOTES!!............hope it helps!
stupid its an m416 and all you added was a new stock and mag RELEASE and you added a little more to the front its basicly a copyright violation but it isnt. <br>
too many pictures but cool
Is it supposed to be like that?
ignore chance (or change or whatever it is) till the last step
'With' mag 'release'.
they all say &quot;chance&quot; not change

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