this is one cool plane(or hot)!
All you need is a 8 1/2 x 11 in. printer paper and some intermediate folding skills!
videos in last step!

Step 1: First Fold!

get your paper, and fold it in half along the long side.

Step 2: A Couple More?

unfold the last fold and fold the two corners to the center to make a house shape.

Step 3: How About a Byte of Two More!

Then fold that to make a steeple.

Step 4: May I Have One More?

fold the tip in about half an inch.

Step 5: Another Fold Plese!

fold it back in half again.
Ok,you're probably going >:( with having to re-fold what you unfolded, but thats just part of paper plane folding...
...origami or not!

Step 6: How About a Couple of Buffalo Wings!...

fold two wings parallel to the bottom about an inch from the bottom. make sure that it is symmetrical!

Step 7: ...And a Side of Two Tail Fethers!

fold the tips of those to the top of the plane.

Step 8: Attach Those Wings Sir! You'll Never Get Off the Ground Without Wings Sir!

open the wings like the pic shows.
just say A4!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's pretty awesome. You should embed the videos though, such as posting it on YouTube, Revver, or something. Nice job!

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