Machine Embroider Jean Pockets




Introduction: Machine Embroider Jean Pockets

just for fun I decided to decorate pockets on old jeans - to give them new life.

Step 1:

the first thing to do was remove the pockets from the jeans very carefully with a seam ripper.

Step 2:

I measured the pockets to figure out which design would fit the pockets.

Step 3:

I used the dedicated embroidery machine at the TechShop I had brought my thumb drive with designs loaded on it. I got the design off the internet. I visit two sites  and  Both sites offer sales and free designs, so I never pay more than $1.99 for a design.

Step 4:

Since these are baby jeans I chose the ladybug design.
Since the pocket was too small for the hoop. I pinned the pocket in the center of the hoop on top of stabilizer.
Once I was set with it all I watched the machine work; changing the thread as prompted. 

Step 5:

after putting the ladybugs on the pockets all that was left was to reattach the pocket.



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