Machine Embroidery for a Child's Apron





Introduction: Machine Embroidery for a Child's Apron

One of my granddaughters has declared that her next birthday will be a 'robot birthday party'. When I saw this pattern on line for machine embroidery (and on sale for about $2) I bought it, downloaded it, and put it on a thumb drive to take with me for my next trip to the Tech Shop The Tech Shop has a dedicated embroidery machine.

Step 1:

I chose my colors from the ones available from the communal box at the Tech Shop I put the thumb drive in the machine and found the pattern.

Step 2:

the machine did its magic - my only job was to snip threads and change spools as needed.

Step 3:

Even if my granddaughter changes the theme of her party - I think she will still get a kick from having the apron. And those robots are so cute I have decided to use them on other items.



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