a pretty small bow with and enormous amount of power, good accuracy, and very strong and durable.

at max power can shoot through 1 and a half soda cans.

please write comments

Step 1: Front Slash Barrel of Gun

build the first two pics then use the third to put it together.

Step 2: The Back Suspension/ Support

build from these pics

Step 3: The Arms of the Bow

build first 2 pics twice the use 3rd pic to add to all

Step 4: Rubber Band Attachments

build two of these from pics 1 and two then connnect them from back support in pic three

Step 5: Connect Back Part to Front Part

connect the two pieces using these pictures.

Step 6: Build Handle

build three of pics 1 and 2 the connect them from pics 3 and 4.

Step 7: Adding the Rubber Band

take the rubber band and twist it up a few times and hook each end on to the rubber band connectors as the pictures show.

Step 8: Make the Ammo

make as many of these as you want. take a pocket knife and cut out the edges of a grey rod as done on the pics.

optional: you can also sharpen the other end of the rod for maximum damage!!!

but be careful

Step 9: Your Finished!

congrats. take your new mini bow and ammo and go shoot some crap!!!!!!!!!!
i dont get how u put the rubber band through the hole on the gray piece
this is a hard hard step <br>
i used 5 on each side will it still work?
this steep is confuzing.<br />
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im going to use your word nuthopper now.
&nbsp;really odd to shoot :(....... I still like it tho... but for around 5 less parts you could build www.instructables.com/id/knex_pistol_13 &nbsp; it is much better....
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Lmfao?<br><br>Hopefully this is a joke D:&lt;
it really is
Lmfao, look. It says www.instructables.com/
its cool,easy to build and fun to use.
it is because it doesnt have any seeds
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i made in like 30 sec an it awsome! =) YOU ROCK IVE SUBSCRIBED (= =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D<br/>
its bad,mine is better than that and mine shoots 30-40ft.
Not really crossbow
here's a suggestion: instead of just tying the rubberband on, u use sum knex weels on the ends to reduce rubberband wear ad tear. i just got sum knex- i will try making this bow later.
im seeing ownedintheface's guns around alot now hes taking over!!!!
this things beast it goes for miles
OMG, no green rods were used to make this! EPIC WIN!!!
This is pretty good. It's the best one I've seen so far. but it is hard to load though
you think its hard to load? i think its pretty easy. this thingy is kind of fun
You don't need to sharpen the rods, but it looses some power. Also, you don't have to use 14 orange pieces.
i know it just looks nicer with them
w o w......... this is perfect, except that now im in trouble for a few holes in the wall after the knex rod went thru my soda cans...... oops?
this is really small but deadly if shot at max power 5/5
it shot holes in my walls when i attached a thumb tack to the end
awesomeness. xD
small but powerful ... i like it
i know right i over loaded it with rubber bands and shot it through 2 and a half soda cans
Wow, Nice I just made one and I'm impressed! Good job!
idk man i built this bow a while ago (before I was a member) and i have to say t IS pretty powerful. I ALMOST shot a hole through my wall by accident with it (luckily i missed....that would suck)
it shoot realy hard for a middel small thing. COOL!! TRY IT OUT
looks coll ill try to make it tonight
this is insane i love it i know it doesn't use loads of pieces but i still managed to make it more piece efficient but it still has the deadly power oh and by the way if u use more than one ruberband personally i would put a bit of tape on them to make sure they don't all flap about
very cool lol<em><strong></strong></em><br/>
To make a real working "arow" use an orange conecter then a thumbtack! Did you ever notice that the bottom of a thumbtack is the same shape as the bottom of a knex rod?
<em><strong>make step 8's pic better it stinks!</strong></em><br/>
nice job
your ownedintheface, arent you?
You expect him to answer?<br/>And ownedintheface is obsessed with mini (I hope <em>everything</em> isn't mini......)<br/>
not rly. but anyone who is obsessed with mini really is ownedintheface..........
doesnt ownedintheface do this on most of his weapons? pretty sad...
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