Maga Mini Bow





Introduction: Maga Mini Bow

a pretty small bow with and enormous amount of power, good accuracy, and very strong and durable.

at max power can shoot through 1 and a half soda cans.

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Step 1: Front Slash Barrel of Gun

build the first two pics then use the third to put it together.

Step 2: The Back Suspension/ Support

build from these pics

Step 3: The Arms of the Bow

build first 2 pics twice the use 3rd pic to add to all

Step 4: Rubber Band Attachments

build two of these from pics 1 and two then connnect them from back support in pic three

Step 5: Connect Back Part to Front Part

connect the two pieces using these pictures.

Step 6: Build Handle

build three of pics 1 and 2 the connect them from pics 3 and 4.

Step 7: Adding the Rubber Band

take the rubber band and twist it up a few times and hook each end on to the rubber band connectors as the pictures show.

Step 8: Make the Ammo

make as many of these as you want. take a pocket knife and cut out the edges of a grey rod as done on the pics.

optional: you can also sharpen the other end of the rod for maximum damage!!!

but be careful

Step 9: Your Finished!

congrats. take your new mini bow and ammo and go shoot some crap!!!!!!!!!!



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    i dont get how u put the rubber band through the hole on the gray piece

    i used 5 on each side will it still work?

    this steep is confuzing.

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     really odd to shoot :(....... I still like it tho... but for around 5 less parts you could build   it is much better....

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    Hopefully this is a joke D:<