Picture of magazine wallet!
How to make an easy wallet with tons of pockets in 5 minutes !
things you will need
clear packaging tape
a pencil
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Step 1: Finding the right magazine

Picture of finding the right magazine
find 2 pages of a magazine . for example: 
boys life
martha stewart
bon appatete 

Step 2: Creating your wallet 1

Picture of creating your wallet 1
rip out the 2 pages you choose and put the page you want to see on the outside. Then fold the papers until they are a little bigger than a playing card.

Step 3: Putting it all together

Picture of putting it all together
now take that clear packaging tape and wrap it all around your wallet. press down on the bumps with something like a pencit to smooth it out. cut off the top 

Step 4: Tah-dahhh

now you have a easy and cool wallet!!!! please leave comments
MissRisa4 years ago
Is there a special way to fold it? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around how this makes a wallet. It would be much appreciated if you could maybe proved some extra pictures or drawings on how you folded the paper and where exactly you put the tape in relation to the folds.