Picture of magic wood wallet
Maybe you'll want to thank me after making this wallet. Indeed it's not a simple wallet, it's wood-made and it's magic!
Unfortunately it doesn't make money appearing from nothing, but as some of you already know the trick is in the way to introduce banknotes in that.
I'm sure that girls could be very attracted by your magic trick and they surely want to play with your (full of money) wallet! ;-) 
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Step 1: The project

Picture of the project
The design of this wallet is not original, but it belonged to a simple trick in some magician game box of my youth. The working principles are similar to Jacob's Ladder functioning.
I drew a simple 3D schematic to show you the way to connect the ribbons which keep the money. Notice that although in the 3D and in the animation you see a space between the two plates, in reality the ribbons are very tense and they keep the plates adjacent.
Here a 3D model ready to explore with Sketchup preview.

magic wallet.stl

Step 2: The prototypes

Picture of the prototypes
Before making the wallet from wood I wanted to experiment the right side to manage some banknotes (I gave up to make the bigger 500 euro compatibility, probably useless for me!) so I cut some rectangular pieces from cardboard and I connected them with adhesive tape.
I discovered that for euro banknotes a dimension of 80x100 mm is enough.
You can see the odd way the tape keeps the cardboard plates together, but it also lets the wallet opening.

Step 3: The (very) rough material

Picture of the (very) rough material
I know, it's strange, but I wished to experiment to pull out something nice from a pair of horrible wood thin boards I had. Since these boards are very weak in the direction perpendicular to wood veins, we need to glue two boards with different vein orientation.
That solution good fits with the ribbons connection. Indeed we'll insert the ribbons ends between the two boards.
You can make this wallet from any rigid material, plastic, cardboard, thin metal, leather, etc.

Step 4: Draw and cut

Picture of draw and cut
After drawing the 80 x 100 mm rectangulars on the wood plates, since they're very thin, we can cut them with a big scissor.
isameed4 months ago

This is A W E S O M E.

Good joke I like
mattship011 year ago

Man, this so cool. My friend used to have one of these but he never showed me how it works. Thanks for showing me, I can make my own now.

andrea biffi (author)  mattship018 months ago

I'm glad of that :-)

DUO00371 year ago
Soo Cool!
Pra_ga1 year ago
Brilliant idea!
Though i am a bit worried about abrading my pocket with the sharp corners :s
andrea biffi (author)  Pra_ga1 year ago
oh, you're right... probably it only fits into the jacket pocket, unless you've wood pants too ;-)
What about adding some sugru on the corners?
andrea biffi (author)  lindarose921 year ago
That's a nice Idea, it would add some color to the project. The Sugru corners should be cut in half so that each half stays on one side of the wallet...
andrea biffi (author) 1 year ago
thanks guys
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
this a remarkable magic wallet :D
andrea biffi (author)  sabu.dawdy1 year ago
Thanks! :-)
joknrok1 year ago
You're very inspirational! Awesome instructable.
jtalvy1 year ago
Nice job!... Very nice use of the animations to demonstrate what you mean.
So neat! I love these. My grandpa used to make them out of wood too, though his straps were different. :)
andrea biffi (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Thanks Jessy, that's so uncommon, have you some of your grandpa's ones to show us?
ilpug1 year ago
I want one!
ProRock1 year ago
I have one of these that I made out of leather that I like. I would definitely look into doing it with leather if you're worried about sharp corners.
andrea biffi (author)  ProRock1 year ago
I agree, but to make the trick working the leather should be very stiff, at least in the ribbons direction... maybe some rigid slats inserted between the two leather layers will do a great job!
tongxi1 year ago
Wow,It is a good idea!
Jacobs ladder:) great wallet idea!
THANKS! Thats' it!! I'll update my instructable :-)