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Leaving your car parked on the street is an exercise in civic trust (or Civic trust, ha!). After you've locked up your ride and head off to work, you assume that your vehicle will be there when you get back and in the exact same condition it was when you left it. Out of sight out of mind, right? I mean...nobody would actually take an axe and slam it through the hood of a car, would they?

Well, April Fool's is a bad time to assume anything. And, seeing as some people are protective over their cars more than most other things makes it a perfect target to prank. By modifying an axe and using powerful magnets you can create a simple but effective prop that looks like someone has sunk an axe into your friends' car. The perfect revenge-prank!

This prank does not damage your victim's ride and will alarm the prankee and passer-by's alike. 
Enough talk, let's prank!

Step 1: Tools + materials

Picture of tools + materials
  • horizontal bandsaw*
  • sanding wheel*
  • scissors
  • chop saw
  • adjustable clamps
  • large axe
  • neodymium magnets
  • scrap neoprene
  • scrap 2x4" wood
I used the horizontal bandsaw and grinding wheel at TechShop SF.
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rwilliams223 years ago
I don't see the step where you attached the magnets, or inset them or whatever. How did you attach them?
mikeasaurus (author)  rwilliams223 years ago
In Step 3 I discussed that I couldn't get the axe head under the drill press securely and the bit just deflected off the face, so I didn't embed them.

In Step 5 it reads "All that's left is to place your neodynium magnets on the axe face and you're ready to prank!". So, the magnets were just placed on the axe face.

I would like to redo this prank one day with the magnets inset into the face, but need a much larger drill press and a very dense (and probably expensive) drill bit in order to get through the tool steel axe.
Might be a good excuse to play with this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_discharge_machining

EDM is considerably more expensive, and depending on your electrode wire, it could take even longer. On the plus side you could set it and forget it. You basically have to have a shop set up for it already.

You might consider fixing the magnets to the axe head then using Bondo or a similar material to build up around them giving the illusion of the axe head. Paint to match and it would be unnoticeable without close inspection. A lot easier than drilling into hard steel.

Use grinding bits in a rotary tool to hog out for the magnets, instead of trying to drill?
Although I can understand those who are unwilling to sacrifice a perfectly good axe, I have to hand it to you - this is a winner of a prank!

But on the subject of the magnets, I have to "axe" you :-) why not just magnetize the axe head instead of using separate magnets? It seems to me that it would be cheaper and less complex.

If you take the cut axe and fasten your magnets to it and use Bondo or similar material to build up around the magnets and matching the shape of the axe head to hide the magnets. Then a little paint and you wouldn't notice anything without close inspection.

mikeasaurus (author)  Too Many Projects5 months ago

That's a good idea! You should try it out and share a picture of your version.

qorlis1 year ago
Looks great and the expression of your "victim" is classic. One thing by way of caution: Be careful your "victim" doesn't use the spike end on you! LOL.
Ezava21 year ago

I'm going to do this to one of the teachers cars at school

That's cool
Brilliant! I wonder if there would be a way to make the hood look broken without damaging the car.
you should do this on someone's computer
or a recommendation to everyone make a fake spill prank and put it on a laptop
ArchEnemy#13 years ago
You should modify it in some way so you could stick it on your head or in the middle of your back. Then walk around with it on and pretend like nothing's wrong. A hatchet would prob be better though since it's lighter.
Jetpack53 years ago
Awesome trick!

I wonder if you could anneal the axe head to reduce the hardness. I'm not sure the annealing temperature for steel but it's in the 600C-800C range I think.

Since you aren't using it to cut you wouldn't need to re-temper it.
ashwinlit3 years ago
Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivhglwQJNgM
Vodika3 years ago
I did this and used a hatchet instead and glued some of my wifes sexy panties around it, so they would get the impression that a pissed off husband was looking for them LOL, and boy did it work LOL
mikeasaurus (author)  Vodika3 years ago
Awesome! Do you have pictures to share?
Only thing is I wont be able to use my wifes panty's, this girl is realy big, probably going to have to use a car cover, Gross but true
Oh no your not going to believe it but I must have some worthless friends and another one just was telling me of his victory's and this time I will make picks from the start to when he see's it and hopfully as he see's it LOL, will be a good one for U Tube LOL
I'm so sorry that I did not take any picks of it but I sure wish I would have, it would have been a keeper for sure
freeza363 years ago
Nice job.
Vodika3 years ago
Oh and yes I did let the wife in on it first, and every time I think of it I am rolling on the floor laughing
zakamooza3 years ago
you can clearly see it, what i would do is, to drill holes in the axe, and glut those magnets in , so theres no way to see them
The author does suggest that in the article!
SHIFT!3 years ago
Love that expression Mike! Classic.
louisw3 years ago
for those of us with fewer tools perhaps make the ax (or even a hand ax) out of Styrofoam? very clever idea none the less.
t8003 years ago
Very good and clever Mike :-)
I have a small suggestion for you: if you crumple a beer can, cut a very jagged strip and glue it (silver side out) on top of the magnet you achieve the effect as if the metal of the car hood has been squeezed out by the axe's blade ;-)
depotdevoid3 years ago
This would also be good for: garage doors, refrigerators, ovens, some bathtubs, walls (if the nails in the studs are big enough).

Heck, you could put the magnets on the inside of your jacket and make it a great last minute Halloween costume!
mikeasaurus (author)  depotdevoid3 years ago
It was on the stove, now it's on the fuse box:

axe prank.jpg
That thing just looks awesome!
Except that handle is inches above where my head at my desk goes :D Oooo I wonder if you could open fridges with it. Just replacing the normal handle!
I bet you could, if you used enough strong magnets
clever idea;)
This is an Awesome Prank.. but a Plastic Toy Axe which also looks kinda Real, will be more easy to utilize. and also have enough space to add in the magnets, and plastics inherent Lightness will make sure that the axe doesnt fall off easily.
oilitright3 years ago
Whoa! I'm not in the habit of destroying perfectly good tools, prank or no prank. The one here looks to be about a 6lb Fireman's Axe Harbor Freight Item #96109 $27.99

Man I can think of a bunch of stuff to do with $27.99

Get a scrap piece of wood and go at it until it looks like an axe head, same for a handle, a little paint and voila you can carve slots for your magnets.
mikeasaurus (author)  oilitright3 years ago
Great, show me your version!
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