today , i'm gonna show you guys how to make a magnetic stirrer for your diy chemistry lab

before starting to assemble the parts , make sure you have the following items :

1/ 12 v fan(I got mine out of an old computer)
1/ container , about the size of your fan
1/ square neodynium magnet
1/ long neodynium magnet(you can get them out of a old hdd and they also sit near the laser in a cd-player)
1/ 9v -12v battery
1/ battery holder
1/ 1 inch (2.5 centimetre ) stainless steel bar - must be attracted by magnets
1/ liquid container (eg: flask , glass cup ect...)
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Step 1:

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glue the square magnet onto the edge of the center of the fan,
then glue the fan inside the container , make sure that it has room to spin and
that the container is able to close

Step 2:

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next , take your bar-shaped magnet and stick the metal rod against it with glue (make sure it is centered)

Step 3: Finish

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now put your flask onto the closed container and connect the wires from the fan to the battery
now your rod will start spinning and with a bit of luck it will create a twister

Step 4: Troubleshooting

if your rod doesn't turn in a circle , then you should adjust your rod , or replace it with 2 long magnets fixed on a steel circle

swordf1zh6 years ago
the idea is nice but not the pictures... did you know about the MACRO mode of your camera?
jep , I even used it but the whole thing was 70 euros ...
cool but use the flash, please.
kokonos5 years ago
where did you get the magnet
Any cd/dvd playing device contains two , they sit next to the laser/lens
jeff-o6 years ago
It's true, a pure stainless steel bar will not be very magnetic at all. It's the same as stainless steel refrigerators - magnets don't stick to them. camiller makes some excellent points.
camiller6 years ago
Couple things. 1.) If you going to use what your stirring in something to be consumed by human beings (yeast starter for home beer making comes to mind) you will want to use a Teflon coated stir bar. Real stainless steel in not very magnetic and is more likely to be thrown at speed in a viscous medium. 2. Having the magnet off center on the fan will likely throw the stir bar in a more viscous liquid (yeast starter again comes to mind). Center the magnet, the magnetic field is still rotating and will still move the stir bar. 3. Use an old cell phone charger or other "wall wart" for a power source so you don't have to rely on the battery charge holding overnight. 4. If you want speed control you can get a small rheostat cheep, or scavenge one.